Routine, or the downfall of the organised

Irony?! Do you type it?!

I appreciate how ironic it is that a man who promised a weekly routine of blog posts should make his comeback to the world of self-righteous, poorly written and biased tripe with an article on the power of routines. Yet, undiscouraged by his own shortcomings, he shall proceed in analysing what makes a good routine, how it can benefit everyone, but also how the wise can fall victim to their own system.

: a regular way of doing things in a particular order
: a boring state or situation in which things are always done the same way
: a series of things (such as movements or jokes) that are repeated as part of a performance

The second definition here states that routine is ‘boring’ and for many of our generation the idea of working 9 to 5, or doing a similar ‘mainstream’ job, is hell on earth (I’ll leave the article about how a hard day’s labour could sort these people out for another day…). However, to me, a routine has been what has given me freedom to pursue what I enjoy. Everyday I follow the same schedule:

Tea Break
Tea Break
Free Time

That day is probably more structured than most University syllabi, but it’s that rigidity that gives me the ability to do what I want (see: Free Time) for as long as possible. That means I can fill the time with anything from more sleep, to reengaging with my adoring readers.

‘So,’ you may well ask, ‘what about the people who just want to maximise their efficiency on the activities during the day?’

This brings me onto one of my most important realisations – gymrats take note – if you want to get huge, you have got to learn to meal prep. This means getting into the habit – note the theme here people – of cooking your meals for the week on a Sunday. This initial time investment will enable you to eat proper meals where normally you’d be forced to make a sub-par sandwich or some other malarky.

Essentially what i’m trying to get at is that using a routine is the solution to all your problems. No free time, make a routine! Can’t eat properly, make a routine! Have you been missold PPI, MAKE A ROUTINE! But there is a downside to all this perfection…

[Now we get to the part of the article where i offer an insightful counter argument to ensure the reader thinks I am a good writer]

The main disadvantage of having a life run by routines is that if this routine is jeopardised (say, by forgetting to defrost your chicken) you run the risk of shooting yourself in the foot. Another problem is that you can become locked into your routine: cheeky pint at lunch? Sorry, I have to eat my chicken and brown rice. Want to watch Top Gear? Sorry, I’m cooking my chicken and brown rice. Fancy helping me get out of this tight dress? Sorry, I’m washing up my chicken and brown rice.

But, what I find the most painful aspect of a life of routine, is that when you aren’t pushed for time, and there’s nothing in your day, it is far too easy to waste a day. Weekends for me are spent doing almost nothing. And whilst it is bliss, and the rest is much needed (and well deserved before you moan), I always leave the weekend feeling that I wasted it by not doing more. In other words, I have almost become addicted to work, sleep deprivation and – wait for this – a routine.

[We are at the pseudo-serious final remarks]

In conclusion, routines can be dangerous but they have changed my life. They have helped me find the time that a younger, less experienced Engineer, might not have; which can then be spent doing nothing or, more importantly, spending time with the girlfriend, mates and family, and what’s more important than making memories with those people?

That’s right, getting massive. So stop reading this and go make your chicken and brown rice…


This article has been a refreshing experience to just spew what’s in my head whilst I work. I genuinely do feel guilty about not posting blogs this year, but as you can imagine, life in F1 doesn’t give me much free time. But, depending on some variables, I may make this blog part of my routine… Bonus point for coming full circle?


What’s Gwarning: An update on the state of the blog

Hello again, last week’s technical post did quite well, so I’ll be doing more that, probably with some of the features of F1 that get talked about on TV without much explanation, I want you guys to be able to wow your friends with some smartarse comments. Like I do…

Anyway, this post is more like an update of what’s been going on, and what’s coming up in the next few weeks, and what that means for the blog. Because I know that this blog is the constant by which you organise your lives.

So, I’ve been working quite hard to get my CAD skills up to scratch ready for the start of my placement in mid-August, and I’ll be away for a week on Tuesday. So basically I’m not going to be posting much in August, but I’ll see if I can at least do a post a week. But the nature of my work, as those who know me will know, is very demanding and so what with the job, gym, eating and sleeping, I might not able to post at all.

After I’ve settled into my new job, I want to start a more rigid schedule for my posts, so maybe do 2 a week (or potentially 3, we’ll see how things go), 1 of which will be a technical article, explaining some aspect of F!, whilst the other might be something about what I’ve been doing/something that’s happened in the news that I’d like to comment on.

So yeah, sorry for the short post, but I’m watching Free Practice and I haven’t really done much this week, besides practise CAD, so unless you want the intricacies of Freeform Modelling, then I’ve not got much to offer. I’ll try and do a post when I’m back from visiting the girlfriend, just to touch base (I’ll probably be nervous about my job, so that could make for some interesting reading). In the meantime, keep safe and watch the race this weekend!


Pragmatic Engineer