What’s Gwarning: An update on the state of the blog

Hello again, last week’s technical post did quite well, so I’ll be doing more that, probably with some of the features of F1 that get talked about on TV without much explanation, I want you guys to be able to wow your friends with some smartarse comments. Like I do…

Anyway, this post is more like an update of what’s been going on, and what’s coming up in the next few weeks, and what that means for the blog. Because I know that this blog is the constant by which you organise your lives.

So, I’ve been working quite hard to get my CAD skills up to scratch ready for the start of my placement in mid-August, and I’ll be away for a week on Tuesday. So basically I’m not going to be posting much in August, but I’ll see if I can at least do a post a week. But the nature of my work, as those who know me will know, is very demanding and so what with the job, gym, eating and sleeping, I might not able to post at all.

After I’ve settled into my new job, I want to start a more rigid schedule for my posts, so maybe do 2 a week (or potentially 3, we’ll see how things go), 1 of which will be a technical article, explaining some aspect of F!, whilst the other might be something about what I’ve been doing/something that’s happened in the news that I’d like to comment on.

So yeah, sorry for the short post, but I’m watching Free Practice and I haven’t really done much this week, besides practise CAD, so unless you want the intricacies of Freeform Modelling, then I’ve not got much to offer. I’ll try and do a post when I’m back from visiting the girlfriend, just to touch base (I’ll probably be nervous about my job, so that could make for some interesting reading). In the meantime, keep safe and watch the race this weekend!


Pragmatic Engineer


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